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Bundle NPM modules into static JS libraries like it’s 2006

Last update: 2020-08-19.

Tags: js, web, programming

A good thing about browser implementations of JavaScript is compatibility. The NPM ecosystem, however, is infamous for its fragility. As a professional “not a frontend developer” I try to opt out of it as much as possible. Luckily, if you just need a library from NPM, it's easy to package it into an “eternal” blob that will work forever. In this post I'll share my procedure for creating such static JS blobs from NPM modules.

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If you think ReasonML compiles to JS, you are wrong

Last update: 2019-09-05.

Tags: programming, ocaml, js

In this post we'll examine what ReasonML really is and what it compiles to. Everyone coming from the ML community already knows the truth, but in the JS community, this misconception seems surprisingly common. It's not just about giving credit, but about the true potential of the language that is far greater than that of TypeScript or Elm.

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