This is my home page. I know home pages is not a popular genre these days and it probably makes me look old fashioned.

Whose home page?

My name is Daniil Baturin. On the Internet I usually go by dmbaturin, the “m” is from my middle name, of sorts. The good thing about it is that it's easy to write in ASCII. The bad thing is that just about everyone asks how they should pronounce it and how many i's are there. Myself I don't care, you can call me Dan and avoid the issue altogether.
If you really insist, there are two i's and it's pronounced [Danʲiʔil Baturʲin] (Dah-nee-ee-l Bah-too-ree-n, with a glottal stop between the i's like in “uh-oh”).

I write programs and build networks. Sometimes those programs have something to do with networks, sometimes they don't. I'm also an occasional technical writer, freelance tech journalist, amateur clarinetist and composer, and a personification of the nerd stereotype.

You may be interested in my projects or the documentation I wrote. At least that's what I consider most important.

The ones that are used widely enough that you might have already stumbled upon them are VyOS (a GNU/Linux distribution for routers), encapcalc the MTU/MSS calculator, and the task-centered iproute2 user guide (formerly “iproute2 cheatsheet”).

You can also find me in other places:

You can contact me by email <daniil (at) baturin (dot) org> (here's my PGP key if you want secure communication).

Recent updates

Four years of being a non-smoker

I was planning to write a post about smoking ever since I quit in 2020. Originally I wanted to write a first anniversary post, but something more urgent kept turning up and now it's four years... now the time to write it finally has come. In short, I think it was a really good decision, and I do not struggle with any cravings now, even though the process was very tough for me.

Dánta as Gaeilge

Dán nua: Sráid na Meisceoirí

Old Irish and Modern Irish definite articles

Notes on Old and Modern Irish definite articles Also add the inline style plugin used for it

Publications and talks

Added "Linux for System Administrators" (Packt, 2023) to the list of publications

Irish initial mutations

An article on Irish initial consonant mutations grouped by the place of articulation

An Chéad Bhliain in Éirinn / The first year in Ireland

It's been a year since I moved to Ireland, and I thought I could as well write a recollection to remember the good moments of that year (there are many!) and reflect on them. In short, I like it here, and I'm grateful to everyone who helped me on the way. There are many great people I wouldn't have met and many experiences I wouldn't have had if I didn't come here. Here's a list of unrelated memories (mostly narrated in present tense, as an aesthetic choice) and observations in vaguely chronological order.

Margarine or butter: the secret ingredient of storytelling

When An Cailín Ciúin got nominated for the Academy Award, I felt like a hipster because I watched it before it was mainstream. I just went to watch it at UCC with An Chuallacht Ghaelach to practice listening to Irish, without any expectations for the film itself but quickly reaized that the film and the story it was based on were certainly very special — not merely beautiful but also very carefully crafted. But I wouldn't be myself if I didn't make a silly joke and claim that the most important unanswered question is whether Mrs. Kinsella uses margarine or butter for baking.

Music school memories

If you haven't heard that story, I studied clarinet performance in a classical music school from 2018 to 2022 and dropped out three months before my graduation... for a reason unrelated to the school itself, but let's not talk about that here. I want to talk about the impact it had on me and share some funny stories from that time.

An bhfuil cead agam dul go dtí an leithreas? — a primer on Irish syntax

Some claim that An bhfuil cead agam dul go dtí an leithreas? (May I go to the toilet?) is often the only phrase that people remember from their Irish lessons in school, and some use it to prank people unfamiliar with the language by claiming that it's how you say “You will forever be in my heart” or similar. However, that phrase actually makes an excellent illustration of the basic Irish morphology and syntax, so let's examine it in detail.

Learning languages

During this year, I have learned two completely unrelated (human) languages to a semblance of A1. Many people claim that I have a talent for learning languages but I don't think it's the case. I just have more experience and tools for learning them. I decided to write down some notes that I hope can help other language learners, starting from pretty obvious facts that I didn't consciously realize until some point and ending with somewhat controversial opinions.

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