This is my home page. I know home pages is not a popular genre these days and it probably makes me look old fashioned.

Whose home page?

My name is Daniil Baturin. On the Internet I usually go by dmbaturin, the “m” is from my middle name, of sorts. The good thing about it is that it's easy to write in ASCII. The bad thing is that just about everyone asks how they should pronounce it and how many i's are there. I don't really care, you can call me Dan and avoid the issue altogether.
If you really insist, there are two i's and it's pronounced [Danʲiʔil Baturʲin] (Dah-nee-ee-l Bah-too-ree-n, with a glottal stop between the i's like in “uh-oh”).

I write programs and build networks. Sometimes those programs have something to do with networks, sometimes they don't.

You may be interested in my projects or the documentation I wrote. At least that's what I consider most important.

The ones that are used widely enough that you might have already stumbled upon them are VyOS (a GNU/Linux distribution for routers), encapcalc the MTU/MSS calculator, and the task-centered iproute2 user guide (formerly “iproute2 cheatsheet”).

You can also find me in other places:

You can contact me by email <daniil (at) baturin (dot) org> (use PGP key if you wish).

Privacy notice

This website does not use cookies (should I have made this a popup message?).


Everything you see here is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license, unless otherwise specified.


This website supports IPv6 and HTTP/2. The future will be better tomorrow.

I'm committed to improving accessibility. The pages render fine in text-only web browsers such as w3m and lynx and seem to work fine with a screen reader. If you are an accessibility technology user and you've found an issue, let me know.

Accessibility and support for outdated software are different issues though. Despite its visual simplicity, this website is not made with outdated web browsers in mind, though anything released after 2013 should work.


The usual problem with news sections on static websites is that no one ever updates them. For this reason I made a dirty hack for generating them from the git commit log.

A guide to making old websites mobile-friendly at /notes/mobile-friendly and a new index page for the notes.
A few new banners for /notes/powered-by.
Updated the Lwt counter server to build with Lwt 4.1.0 and the Logs library instead of formerly built-in Lwt_log.
Preformatted text now wraps at whitespace on narrow screens.
Text is now hyphenated in web browsers that support it. All glory to CSS3.
Split the Personal and Publications pages, added a link to my articles in the russian Hacker Magazine.
Small fixes and long overdue sync with git (I should commit and push more often).
A bit of old news by now, but the layout was updated to work much better om mobile devices. But wait, there's more! There are now correct page titles and breadcrumbs, made by HTML rewriting.
A review of Lindows 4.0 from 2003 in /misc/software-reviews.
Added a holidays-themed obfuscated program to /code/japh.