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An Chéad Bhliain in Éirinn / The first year in Ireland

Last update: 2023-07-23.

Tags: personal

It's been a year since I moved to Ireland, and I thought I could as well write a recollection to remember the good moments of that year (there are many!) and reflect on them. In short, I like it here, and I'm grateful to everyone who helped me on the way. There are many great people I wouldn't have met and many experiences I wouldn't have had if I didn't come here. Here's a list of unrelated memories (mostly narrated in present tense, as an aesthetic choice) and observations in vaguely chronological order.

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Yet another dmbaturin’s blog iteration

Last update: 2018-02-20.

Tags: misc, personal

Looks like my blogging cycle is two years in and two years out. Not that I run out of things to write about, it's just that good technical writing is a surprisingly time consuming endeavor. You get to verify every example, check every proof, look up every detail in the standards and so on. The world doesn't need more posts that create more troubles for the reader than they solve.
Still last time what drove me away from blogging was, surprisingly, the tools. So many blogging platforms are horrible, and finding a good one is a challenge.

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