Morrowind mods

I'm not hiding that I'm a huge fan of The Elder Scrolls game series, especially Morrowind. They are great works of art rather than mere entertainment. Sometimes I make small mods for those games.

All these mods are compatible with both OpenMW (including its Android version) and the vanilla engine, unless otherwise specified. They are all also cleaned from “evil GMSTs” etc.

Every archive includes a more or less detailed readme with a walkthrough, when applicable.

If you find a bug, feel free to contact me about it, though I can't promise prompt fixes.

Persistent Corpse Disposal

In Morrowind, corpses are normally removed after three days. That's bad for "solve a murder" and "recover an item" quests, which is why some corpses are marked as persistent. Otherwise they might disappear before you can discover them.

Unfortunately, there's no way to modify the "corpses persist" flag at run time and let them decay naturally when they are no longer needed. This means those bodies are left in place forever, so you can't claim the house of a murder victim after bringing their murdered to justice... not without having a macabre decoration you cannot remove. Not so good for suspension of disbelief.

This mod attempts to solve that immersion issue by forcibly removing those bodies when they are no longer needed for a quest. That is done through dialog entries to avoid running a global script at every frame.

The mod is fully supported in OpenMW, but the vanilla engine may have issues with modifying objects not currently loaded in the game. See the README for details.


Fetchers of Morrowind

“Fetchers of Morrowind” is a company that finds items and delivers them to customers. They are looking for resourceful adventurers who can find unusual items and fulfill absurd orders.

The main motivation was to experiment with spicing up twenty bear asses type quests by giving characters some personality and motivation to want the items.

To start the quest line, talk to Marthe Rane in Vivec, Foreign Quarter Upper Waistworks. Talk to her about “Background” and “My trade”.


Fargoth's Mountain Hut

A deconstruction of the house mod genre. You know all those mods that provide you with an unusually nice house for free? This isn't one of them.

Your old friend Fargoth gives you a key to a house he bought from a shady real estate agent and never got to visit. The house is in the middle of nowhere on the slopes of the Red Mountain, between to leveled creature spawn points. It gets worse from there.


Gondolier's License

In the original game, the unique shirt and helm of Vivec gondoliers cannot be acquired at all. Some mods fix it by just placing them in some crate, without explaining how they got in there.

This mods allows you to acquire them in an immersive way. Ask gondoliers for “little advice” and they will direct you to Odres Uvaren in the Justice Offices. There you can take a Vivec geography test, prove that you could be a gondolier and acquire a license and the uniform.


Tavern of Broken Dreams

There are lots of unused NPCs and objects in the Morrowind data files. It's as if the developers never made any attempts to clean up anything, you can even find their notes to themselves. That prompted me to make a mod inspired by the “Cafe of Broken Dreams” special encounter from Fallout 2.

A strange Nord is relaxing on a beach on the Azura's coast (coe 19, -3). He can take you to a place where non-existent characters gather to complain about their situation. All those characters retain their original ids and inventory, I only gave them custom dialog with their background as I imagine it.


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