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Linux for System Administrators

An introductory book on modern Linux for complete beginners.

Published by Packt in 2023, with the first author credit given to Viorel Rudareanu, a co-author assigned to me by Packt.

Computer magazine articles

Hack Mag / «Хакер»

The Hacker Magazine («Хакер» in Russian) is the oldest Russian magazine on information security. Since ca. 2015 it’s only published online, but back in my high school days our group of nerds used to subscribe to the paper version.

Articles in the Hacker Magazine (in Russian):

Articles in HackMag, the English version of it:

Note: Articles in the English version are translations from Russian made by the magazine staff. I’m not responsible for translation quality of accuracy!

Linux Format

Simpler firewalls with IPset

Published in the issue 193 (January 2015).

Available to subscribers. Walks the reader through configuration of IPset, a tool that allows using groups of hosts, networks, and ports in iptables rules.

These days, nftables offers native support for sets, so that article is largely obsolete.

Conference talks

LVEE 2021 (virtual)

The TOML ecosystem and its issues in the (virtual) proceedings of LVEE 2021.

No recording available.

PackagingCon 2021 (virtual)

Living with OPAM, a talk on my experience with the OCaml package manager and its ecosystem as a user and contributor.

LVEE 2020 (virtual)

Soupault: a static website generator based on HTML element tree rewriting in the (virtual) proceedings of LVEE 2020.

No recording available.

LVEE 2014

Text parsing with Python and PLY, in the proceedings of LVEE 2014, August 22-24 2014, Minsk, Belarus.

I just wanted to show people how to use a YACC with a language other than C.

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