There are some things that don't really fit in a blog because I want to keep them updateable, while editing a blog post seems somewhat wrong. I'll keep them in this section.

On the world wide web

“Powered by...”, or the phenomenon of web software buttons
A note on the once common buttons that promoted web server or client software
Old webmaster's guide to mobile-friendly websites
A passive-aggressive guide to adapting old websites for mobile audience.
An introduction to static website generators.

On programming languages

Zen of Ada
A comparison of Zen of Python with the Steelman requirements (the Ada design document).

On security

Key signing parties considered useless
A note on key signing parties as a form of security theater.

On software development in general

On “easter eggs”
A proposal for a sensible easter egg policy without the extremes of either “trustworthy computing” or flight simulators inside spreadsheet programs.
Intuitive and revolutionary
Still much ignored fact that nothing is inherently intuitive.

On human languages

Irish initial mutations
An attempt to present Irish initial mutations groups by place of articulation to make their patterns more clearly visible.
Old and Modern Irish definite article
A side-by-side comparison of definite article forms in Old Irish and Modern Irish.